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THE DOLL:  A Child's Survival of the Holocaust

Faigie and her precious Shirley Temple doll went everywhere together.  They visited the hospital where her mother worked as a surgical nurse and the international book shop that her father owned.  They went for picnics and buggy rides and played with Faigie's friends.  Faigie and her doll were inseparable.  They even stayed together when Faigie and her family were arrested - just because they were Jewish - and sent to the ghetto in their hometown of Kaunas, Lithuania where Faigie and her doll ended up separated.  Faigie, however, learns that fate has a way of reconnecting old friends.  


Local delivery/pick up of this book is available in the Quinte area.  To make your purchase without a shipping fee, contact Melissa at to arrange an e-transfer and delivery/pick up location.  Purchasers in the Toronto area, contact Melissa at the same email to see if arrangments can be made.  Currently, Toronto deliveries are limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

THE DOLL: A Child's Survival of the Holocaust

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